Entry space for your home

The entry to your home can be a wonderfully functional space, yet many Australian homes don’t have one.

So what is an entry?
An entry is a transitional space, where your family and guests can be greeted, organised and redirected to other spaces within and around your home. Your entry needs to (not only look great) but most importantly it needs to function well for it’s intended use, and you may need more than one!
The following 3 easy steps will guide you through the design process of creating well designed entries for your home.

1. Confirm number of entries required
Most Australian homes have a front and a rear access, as a result you will need to design two separate Entries for your home. We call these entry spaces the Front entry and Mud Room (for the rear entry).

2. Performance specification
You need to think about the way you use the current entries into your home. Write a list similar to the following for both the Front entry and the Mud Room:
Front entry
Needs to have a:

Store space for shoes, handbags, coats, school bags and a broom
Seat to put on your shoes
Powder Room close to this space for tradespeople and family to use
Enough space for you and your family to be able to fit into (1m²/person is adequate)
Lay off space for side table
Covered area outside front door for 5 people (5m²)
Direct access to the car space
NOTE: The front entry space:

is usually the best place to locate a stair to an upper level
should provide visually and acoustic privacy to interior spaces of your home